How to Feed the Content Beast? The No Nonsense Formula for Ensuring Consistent Content Supply

For a long time, I struggled with content writing.
Do you know the reason why?

No, it had nothing to do with the writers’ block, lack of ideas or poor content strategy. In fact, it had to do with my mindset, ideology and attitude.

Whenever I created a piece of content, I thought I had achieved a big milestone – nothing short of a miracle. I stared at my write-up for a long time and felt extremely happy that my ideas were going to be published digitally and lots of people will read it online.

This made me become conscious about my own writing and that was the beginning of the demise of my creative writing skills or better call it may ability to produce volumes.

I was a successful content writer and content marketer, but I was still far away from being financially successful. The apparent reason was that I was not able to produce volumes. I was also struggling with maintaining consistency.

I spent many sleepless nights pondering over what I should do.

I tried many strategies, tricks, hacks and tools, but I could not become successful financially.

What was the reason? Can you guess?

No, it was not the quality or anything else. It was something very basic. It had to do with the sheer volume of content that I produced on a daily basis.

My processes were wrong and ineffective. I was exhausted at the end of the day without producing any significant volume of content.

I was using dictation software, but even that was not helping me achieve my objectives because dictation software is a machine and unless you don’t feed it with thoughts, it will not produce any great output.

Soon, I realized that thoughts are extremely important. In fact, there are four things –
A. Thoughts
B. Research
C. Ideas, views and opinions
D. Content Blueprint

If you don’t have thoughts and a blueprint, you will not be able to produce good content consistently.

I also agreed with those philosopher types of business coaches and motivational speakers, who spend hours speaking about the brain power and how thoughts can be converted into money.

In fact, I used to mock them for their “apparently ridiculous rants”. But I was wrong. Even though these motivational speakers will never tell you how to convert your abstract ideas into money and if they do they will certainly charge you a hefty fee.

But, they were right as far as the law of energy conservation and transformation is concerned. Thoughts are energy and content is also energy.

However, between these two types of energies there is an intermediary energy, which is known as your “inner podcast”.

Until you don’t know how to create a podcast like a pro, you cannot produce good content.

So, I became a podcaster. It was not some kind of luxury; actually there was no option.

And then I decided to feed the content beast. In the process, I became a content monster myself.

I am a content consumer as well, but I have my own limits. I have to support a family and that’s the reason I have to focus on content production and not consumption. According to Damon Zahariades, the productivity guru, “if you continue reading how to produce great content, you’ll never have time to produce great content.”

I recommend you to subscribe to his newsletter. He provides extremely valuable productivity tips.

Damon’s tips changed my life.

I do consume a lot of content, and as a writer you must do that. I read a lot of articles and blog posts online and I am also fond of reading books, but then the ratio of my input to output is miserly low.

If you are not spending time writing, you are not earning. It’s as simple as that.

There are two categories of people here – or better call them schools of thought!

On one hand, there are the slow, self-critical, self-sabotaging, and procrastinating perfectionists, who will give you thousands of reasons to write less.

…and on the other, there are these passionate writers, who believe that
A. Speed brings quality
B. The more you write, the better you become at writing
C. Achieve flow state to go from good to great

Coming back to where we were — I became a content producing beast. I became a maniac. I produced content like a monster. Good, bad, poor, whatever kind of content it was, it was passing through the assembly line of my production plant rapidly.

Soon, I learnt the art to produce good content in little efforts.

It is just an art and nothing else! Gradually you can learn that too.

I was again in for a surprise, when I read a book by Chris Fox “How to Write 5000 Words per Hour”. The writer has listed down some very helpful tips to produce volumes of content. He is right in saying that if you program your mind subconsciously, you can produce even 10000 words per hour.

In fact, he belongs to second school of thought, we just discussed above.

But then he also offers a tip to hire an editor. Which is again an “impossibility”, if you are writing at the third world rates.

You need a good editor, though he is likely to show no mercy while charging the standard rates.

But, yes this can be a big advantage and it will save you countless hours of your productive time.

You will be able to produce volumes of content without ever bothering about having to go through the painstaking process of editing your own content.

Your editor must be an angel.

But in India it looks more like hiring a supari killer. “Supari killer” is the Hindi version of a contractual killer. He will charge you a hefty fee for editing and his “editing” may not be up to the mark.

If you are successful in finding the right person to do the job, it will help you a lot professionally.

Until you don’t find one, become a content producing beast like me and f*** your dictation software using your endless podcasts. Then sit down to edit your own content ruthlessly.

Don’t worry about the meaningfulness of the content. It’s just like training your muscle. Initially, your performance might be ridiculous, but of you continue to do so, soon you will see the difference.

When you resolve to produce volumes, your subconscious mind will automatically take care of quality. So, don’t be distracted by the rants of first category of writers discussed above — the self-sabotaging slow writers!

Remember that motivational speaker who talks a lot of nonsense, but gives you a few gems of advice as well. Money is energy and thoughts are also a form of energy. Thoughts can be converted into money. (Remember E=mc2)

Wish you a happy journey as a content writer.