Why Do We Need Content Marketing Along With Traditional SEO?

If you look at the latest SEO and content marketing trends, there is a huge shift from the last decade as more and more companies are looking towards content marketing as the most reliable strategy to attract traffic and increase customer engagement.

As far as lead generation is concerned, many companies still believe in traditional SEO campaigns, and they are not entirely wrong. But, a major shift is happening. SEO alone is incapable of boosting your rankings, increasing your Domain Authority or bringing quality traffic and people are slowly realizing it.

Since 2011, more and more companies are flocking towards content marketing as a reliable method to gain search engine rankings consistently and boost conversion.

To achieve this, they smartly use content for their sales funnel.

But can content marketing alone guarantee high rankings on Google? The answer to this question is a thumping “no”!

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Keywords and back-links are still important; meta and URL structuring is still relevant and together they can bring you high traffic volumes and organic rankings.

But then, like a partially successful man and a partially successful woman, they both need each other’s company and support to change the game.

Takeaway: It’s high time SEO and Content Marketing should be married.

Many content marketing companies are sprouting up to fill the void in this field. According to market surveys, content marketing is still a new phenomenon and ignorance is reigning high in the market.

Many people confuse article marketing and guest posting with content marketing, which is not true.

Some have a content calendar and a proper publishing schedule, but still this is not content marketing.

Most of the businesses and marketers are still not familiar with standard content marketing principles, objectives, strategies or practices and they find themselves unable to successfully implement it to engage their customers and increase revenues.

Many companies/marketers are under the illusion that they are doing content marketing the right way, but they aren’t getting the desired results and some of them even blame content marketing for that. 

In fact what they are doing is — article marketing or a poor version of video and social media marketing and they think their job is over!

Sadly, a large section of the market is ignorant about it and there is a real dearth of experienced professionals.

People start working as content writers and soon they claim themselves to be content marketers. Have a look at the LinkedIn profiles of some of the “content marketers” in your area and you’ll wake up to this grim reality that content marketing is largely misunderstood by the people and businesses.

I know, the situation in the West might be a little different, but in developing countries, it’s the next normal.

Content marketing is effective but as a matter of fact, SEO tactics should be employed along with that to yield good results.

It inevitably brings up the question as to what is the right way to implement content marketing in order to achieve your business goals.

Here is the road map for success:

Road Map to Success: Resources to Refresh Your Content Marketing Program 

If we just look at the growth trajectory of content marketing since 2011, more than 40% companies have started implementing content marketing. Many of them have reported an increased return on investment.

Even though SEO still exists, and keywords are still important to rank high on search engines, it is no more a guaranteed method to win search engine rankings. Now that SEO professionals are waking up to this reality, they are hiring content marketing experts to create and distribute great content.

Google makes it extremely clear — Manipulation doesn’t work. Everything depends on the user. If user likes your content and thinks that it adds value to their life, Google will also “start dating” your website. No rocket science to understand!

Google has more than 200 ranking factors and keywords and backlinks are just some of them.
Content is an undisputed winner and if you continue to feed the hungry content beast, you will continue getting Google’s favor.

Video marketing is no magic formula either

If you think videos will improve your rankings, you are wrong. Though, videos make a huge difference. Videos alone can do nothing, if your videos aren’t offering any value to your core audiences. So, formulas aren’t working. Genuine concern for your customers and audiences is the only thing that is going to work.

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In the end, videos, podcasts, blogs, reviews, case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, press releases, news stories, infographics, and pictures —everything is content. But don’t produce content for the sake of it. Your content should:

A. Solve your customer’s core problems and issues
B. Add value to their lives
C. Entertain, educate and inform
D. Be cleverly used to program their subconscious mind 
E. Change their perceptions, attitude, views and the way they think
F.  Introduce them to a new way of life
G. Be created to make your audiences your life time customers
H. Create content specifically for different buyer personas
I.  Create content for different stages of a buyer’s journey
J. Answer the questions of your customers and prospects  

If your content is created to achieve these objectives, you are on your way to success.

Somebody asked, what is the minimum number of pieces of content you should create for content marketing. Jay Baer of Convince and Convert gave a formula to calculate it:

Number of Personas X Number of Buying Stages X Number of Questions in Each Stage = Number of Questions You Need to Answer

How to do it?

In order to create content like what we have discussed above, do the following:

A. Think like a journalist
B. Act like a publisher
C. Be a champion in information processing  

Note: This is Nashaat Quadri‘s formula to achieve success in content marketing. 

Process the information faster and dish out the best content to your audiences. Be aggressive and sexy and never look like a lazy, slow, lethargic and tired sloth. 

In the end, I hate people, who like conformity and doing everything in a traditional way. For them, following tradition is above success and what’s required in the market. I hate Grammar Nazis and people who think that using contractions hurt Queen’s English.

I also hate people, who think that personalization is not necessary in a blog post and everything should be written like a text book. They hate videos, ebooks and anything that’s innovative on this planet and some of them are CEOs of renowned SEO agencies.

But sadly, they keep on panting and harboring jealousy with successful digital marketing agencies. They ask their crew members to keep on sending mails to “top 100 list publishers” to include their name among the top agencies, but alas they aren’t allowed a place even in the Top 250.

For them, article writing is like writing content for Wikipedia — No emotions, no entertainment, no opinions and no views of your own. Just plain and boring facts.

If you also start hating such people, you will soon be on the road to success.